SEA - Supplier Excellence Alliance

SEA Founders
SEA maintains this list because we want to honor and give our undying gratitude to the founders of SEA – those who worked very long and hard with plenty of opposition to the idea that has become SEA. Most of the founders have moved on and are no longer at the companies listed or in the jobs listed. But we will remember them and the companies they worked for in perpetuity. Thank you founders!

Michael G. Beason
Chairman, CEO
Supplier Excellence Alliance
Mickey Wiebe
Ken Marcia
Director, Supplier Development
United Technologies
Dick Hall - Deceased
VP, Supplier Management & Integrity
Parker Aerospace
Michelle Scarpella
Director, Supply Quality and Technical Performance
Northrop Grumman
Tom Plungis
Director, Supplier Management
Lockheed Martin
Julie Gissell
Sr. Manager, Lean Implementation
The Boeing Company
Peggy Berry
Director, Supplier Management
The Boeing Company
  Gary Jones
Strategic Sourcing
Don Beverlin
VP, Supply Chain Management
Roger Weiss
Sr. Director, Enterprise Sourcing/Lean Supply
Rockwell Collins
  Dan Charlin
Scientist/Engineer Supplier Development
  Donna Sherrod
Director, Supplier Quality
Rolls Royce