SEA - Supplier Excellence Alliance
Company Name State Members Name SEA Certifications Phone Email Areas of Practice
Bracken & Associates TX Jeff Bracken ASP (972) 754-3520 Leadership
Brent Duggleby Consulting CA Brent Duggleby ASP, CA (949) 254-0237 Leadership
Griffith Training CA Gary Griffith ASP (951) 733-9678 Standard Work
Heartwood CA Laura Valliancourt ASP (760) 492-8533 Leadership
Manny Fernandez Consulting CA Manny Fernandez ASP (714) 394-6843 Standard Work
Quality Improvement International (Q12) CA Mike White ASP (714) 871-7308 Lean
Velocity CO Tom Reed ASP (303) 956-1440 Lean
ISMP MO Rob Herhold CA (636) 625-0222 Leadership
The Coaches CA Gary Rossi CA (858) 538-7988 Leadership
Advanced Process Optimization PA Jason Merschat CNSG (855) 427-6462 Lean, Leadership, Standard Work
Pomonik Consulting, Inc. CA George Pomonik CNSG (818) 591-0700 Leadership, Lean

ASP = Authorized Service Provider, has been certified to deliver the SEA Roadmap Training & Support
CA = Certified Auditor, has been certified on conducting the SEA Certification Audit
CNSG = Consulting member, has completed a 4-hour certification course

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